What to Look for in Candidate Management Software?

Candidate management software

Candidate management software: many people stop your tracking process on several occasions before locating the appropriate match for your firm. An applicant keeper, commonly known as being an applicant tracker system or ATS, enables you to definitely observe where your candidates have been in the recruiting process. Scalping strategies supply you with a wild birds-ey outlook during the procedure which helps you understand the finer issues, for example, time-to-hire, touchpoints, and delays.

Applicant tracking and candidate management software are all examples of ATS. HR company directors and hiring teams could use modern applicant tracking tools to handle and expedite the candidate selection process, create talent pools, etc.

An applicant management system’s data enables you to screen, test, gather, arrange interviews, verify backgrounds, contact references, and start the onboarding process. All applicant tracking systems help you to save the data in regards to a potential candidate that individuals require to help make the best hiring decisions possible.

Let’s now look at the things you should look for in candidate management software.

Candidate management software

Management of Candidate Profiles

Can you really make notes on the candidate’s profile? Are you able to quickly sort through profiles to obtain the talent you’re searching for – and steer clear of seeing exactly the same individuals you shouldn’t hire over and over? With regards to hiring, half the battle gets your applicants organized, and you have to make certain your tracking can help you accomplish just that.

Omnichannel Presence

The candidate management software that you select should incorporate every facet of social networking. Getting features to publish job openings and aggregate applicant data on multiple social networking sites may bring outstanding results and ease the manual efforts of the HRs.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer support is crucial when utilizing a job candidate tracking system, so we cannot highlight this enough. Why? If you want to move quickly on the potential applicant, you’ll need customer support that responds quickly when problems arise. How’s it going designed to react contrary goes completely wrong?

Candidate Search

You would like a credit card application tracking system that may also support you in finding applicants when you are searching for just one. So it must be present, whether it’s something that enables you to definitely search within your applications for several keywords, places, names, experience, and much more or abilities where you can source individuals from today’s job boards.

Workflow for Recruitment

Is your candidate management software aiding you in streamlining your recruiting processes? Can you really make your process without replacing your present system? Be sure that you question the product’s processes.

You could make your processor and apply one which we’ve formerly produced. We are able to also advise you regarding additional workflows once you’ve hired someone. For instance, we’ll help you in enrolling your brand-new hire in performance keeper, onboarding classes, along with other services.

Thought Leadership in the Industry

Are the applicant tracking system’s developers, investors, and proprietors considering that which you do? Many people can make software, advertise it, and market it, after which solve difficulties with current functionality, however, they can’t offer you something more.

Search for an ATS that can present you with more. Focus on exactly what the firm does apart from selling things – could they be producing helpful literature? What are the approaching webinars on hiring trends? Could they be likely to provide a talk on hiring? When they aren’t, there is a strong possibility they aren’t having to pay focus on that which you genuinely need.

Application Status Tracking

The application tracking system must, at the absolute least, have accurate or more-to-date tracking. For instance, would you involve other people along the way? Could they be answering you and also expecting anything in exchange? Did they make you hanging? You can see precisely which a candidate is, the way they arrived, and just what the following stages are having a solid ATS.

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