Ways to Choose the Best Bow Tie

One of the most popular men’s clothing accessories is a bow tie. This tie is usually used at formal events such as weddings. Today, there are many different shapes and designs of coral bow tie. You can even use it as an accessory in casual clothes. To make it easier for you to choose, we will explain how to choose the best bow tie.

Choose a product based on its type
First of all, we will introduce the types of bow ties. There anything?

Practical and easy to wear: 

The bow tie is pre-tied
A pre-tied bow tie already has the shape of a bow tie that resembles a bow. This type also has a strap to wear around the neck with velcro or hook on the back.

More formal and flexible to shape:

Self-tie bow tie
As the name implies, this self-tie bow tie is still shaped like a fairly long rope. You have to wrap it up yourself into a bow tie. This may be troublesome for those of you who are not experienced in wearing a bow tie. So, this type is more appropriate for those of you who are more skilled at concluding a bow tie.

Choose a product based on its design
Bow ties are available in a variety of charming designs. Think about the event you will attend and choose a bow tie for the right design.

Modern bow tie (semi butterfly) for formal events
This type is the most common bow tie design. Generally, this type has a width at the end of 5.7-7 cm. This bow tie will give you a formal look when you wear it. However, depending on the material, you can also use it for more casual events.

Batwing wings that are both formal and casual
This type is known as the batwing because of its shape that resembles a batwing. This type has a width of about 3.8-5.1 cm at the ends. This bow tie will give the wearer a formal as well as a casual look.

Choose a product based on the material
The material you use will influence the impression the bow tie has. Therefore, choose products with materials according to the event you will attend.

Luxurious looking silk
Silk fabric has a natural luster appearance, ideal for giving off a luxurious and elegant feel. Silk ties themselves are available in various designs and colors. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences and the event you want to attend.

Wool material which gives a warm impression
Depending on the texture, a wool tie can also be used for formal events. The impression displayed is a warm and elegant look.

Cotton fabric for casual and informal events
Cotton bow ties are rarely used for formal events. However, you can combine them with more casual clothes, such as jackets or other casual clothes. For those of you who have clothes made from denim, a cotton tie is also very suitable.

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