Tips for Choosing and Caring for Your Thermos

A thermos is a household appliance that functions to maintain temperature. This tool was originally only used to maintain the temperature of the water to keep it hot. But in its development, the thermos innovates and serves to maintain the temperature to remain cold, even to keep food to stay warm. The thermos was first produced in 1904. After that, many manufacturers make products with similar shapes. A variety of thermos products such as the best coffee thermos are sold with different specifications, quality, and prices. So, how do you know the quality of the product?

  • First, buy a thermos that has a well-known brand. No problem you have to pay more at the beginning of the purchase because its use can last for years.
  • You must ensure that the inner lining is in good condition and made of good material. For example, the interior material is made of stainless steel. This material is a rust-resistant iron compound. So it is safe to use and does not endanger health.
  • Also, pay attention to the outside. Make sure the tool is strong enough with a solid structure.
  • Another way to prove whether the thermos is quality or not is to direct the mouth of the thermos which is open and empty to the ear. Then listen to the sound. There will be sounds like the sound of the wind or like when we are diving underwater. If the sound is loud, the thermos has a good quality.
  • Choose a thermos that doesn’t smell. If you smell unpleasant odors, there is no need to buy the thermos. This indicates the thermos interior material is not good, causing an unpleasant odor.
  • Try to open or close the thermos. Does it close properly or has a disturbance that makes it unable to close properly. Because, as a temperature guard, this tool is very dependent on the design of structures and the use of appropriate materials.




Compare Pros and Cons Best Coffee Thermos


  • One of the reasons why this is considered as the best thermos in the market
  • It is easy to clean because of the material
  • The interior stainless steel works
  • The exterior stainless steel keeps the bottle chill and easy
  • Retains temperature for 24 hours, no matter hot or cold
  • The twist and pour function of the cap makes it easy


  • If you want to use the stopper with the twist and pour function
  • Has to be hand washed at all times
  • The warranty is only for five years as compared to the other products
  • The bottle could be a little bulky
  • Price is a little higher than the other products


How do you keep hot water or cold water in the thermos at a certain temperature and not easily change? Here are tips for users to note.

Wash with warm water

Washing the thermos must be done in the right way ie cleaned with warm water and washed thoroughly using a sponge with anti-bacterial dish soap.

Don’t leave it in the sink for too long

After the thermos is used as a container for hot drinks such as coffee and tea, the thermos should be washed immediately, but don’t leave it in the sink with dirty conditions. It is feared that the smell of coffee or tea will leave a thermos left too long in the new condition.

Do not heat it using a microwave

Reheating drinks in a thermos by placing them in the microwave or oven is a mistake that must be avoided. Besides, the thermos will become hot when taken from a microwave or oven, the thermos will no longer be suitable for its purpose, which is to keep water hot or cold.

Fill in according to the dividing line

Entering hot water into the thermos is recommended not to exceed the boundary line on the neck of the bottle. Because when the thermos is attached, the water that is filled through the neck of the bottle will overflow or spill when stored in a bag or other storage. It is recommended to give a little cavity and not exceed the dividing line on the neck of the bottle.

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