This Is The History Of Traffic Light Colors

You should already know the traffic lights colors are red, yellow, and green. Surely you can’t wait for the red light to immediately turn green. I’m lazy waiting for a red light that takes hundreds of seconds. Even though I want to reach the destination soon. However, it turns out the three colors of the led traffic light are not chosen randomly. There is a history that not many people know about these colors. So let’s learn about them together!

The history of traffic lights began in England, in 1868 and it’s installed near the British Parliament Building. It’s a shame there was a tragic incident there!

For the first time in the world, Britain had a traffic light installed near its Parliament Building in 1868 because there were already many motorized vehicles. At that time there were only two colors, red and green. This is enough to help the work of the police who have been regulating traffic only using the cue. Unfortunately, something unpleasant happened there. A year later, a gas leak occurred (the traffic lights did not use electricity, but it’s still using gas) and it’s caused an explosion at the lights. One policeman was seriously injured and he had to receive a surgery treatment. A tragedy at the beginning of the light discovery.




Compare Pros and Cons Led Traffic Light


  • Energy Savings
  • Long Life
  • Purer Colors
  • Lower Current Draw
  • Battery Backup


  • Strange Failure Modes
  • Susceptibility to Lightning Strikes
  • Signal Changes Don’t Trigger the Eye
  • Snow Collects in LED Signal Visors
  • Reduced Light and Fading
  • Lower Current Won’t Activate Conflict Monitors


Then, there are Americans who fix the lack of previous traffic lights. He added a yellow light to reduce accidents.

Traffic systems at that time with only red and green lights stopped and go. So the driver simply stopped suddenly and the diver immediately steps on the gas pedal when the light is green. This resulted in many accidents in America at that time. Police in Utah, America then gave the idea of an electric bell (like a bell) that would sound as a sign the light would change to a red light. Then the bell is turned into yellow light. In 1914, electric traffic lights were first installed in America. Then in 1920, traffic lights consisted of 3 lights, they are red, yellow, and green lights have been being used until now.

So, why are the colors Red, Yellow and Green? Even though there are other colors?

The answer is simple, the red color at that time as a sign of courage. Red means blood and battle. As an era that is often hit by war, red signifies a warning sign or a sign of danger. So it is used as a stop sign at a traffic light. While green light is synonymous with a calm and safe atmosphere, such as leaves, gardens, and nature. This means calm and freedom to dive. For this reason, the green light is used as a marker for drivers to start to drive.

The yellow light is used as a caution marker because it reflects the color of the fire. Yellow fire (small flame) is a symbol of vigilance and caution at that time. Finally, this color is a marker for being slow and careful before the lights turn red. It used to be white color, but it’s changed to yellow due to white can’t give the same cautious atmosphere as yellow.

There are other reasons why red and green colors are used. It is used to help people with color blindness. Red contains a little orange while green also contains a little blue. This color choice will make it easier for people with color blindness to recognize traffic lights.

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