This Is How To Wear A Bow Tie Easily

The level of handsomeness in men can increase dramatically when using a bow tie combined with an official tuxedo. If you come to a wedding, you will find a bridegroom wearing a bow tie. However, many men are reluctant to practice how to attach a bow tie manually because they can buy fake bowties that can be worn instantly, and they only need to glue it to their outfits. It’s such a shame because high-quality bowties like a coral bow tie can make them look more handsome for special occasions.

Although you can buy a variety of bow ties that use adhesive, there’s no harm in trying to put on your own tie. How to attach a bow tie is actually not a difficult thing you know! You only need a few effective steps to attach a bow tie for about 1 minute.




Compare Pros and Cons Coral Bow Tie


  • You can’t get it dirty or caught in something
  • It makes you look smart


  • Hard to tie
  • Could make you look like pretentious


Here are some steps to wear a bowtie:

  • Pull the collar of your shirt up and place a bow tie around the neck provided one of the hanging parts is about 10 inches longer than the other part.
  • Guide the long end through the short section and make a knot that resembles your shoelace.
  • It’s a good idea to keep your finger on the half knot so that it can be tightly bound. Then, fold the shorter part of the bow tie in half.
  • When the tie starts to look like a butterfly, take the end of the tie that is longer and pull the bow tie half folded.
  • Make a half fold above the bow tie that you folded before.
  • The way to attach the bow tie is to pull the tie through the circle at the back of the bow by pushing and pulling the folds.
  • You must pull or push it just halfway like when tying a shoelace.
  • The final step is to pull and adjust the bow tie well and return your shirt collar back to its original position.

You should regularly check the neatness of the bow tie that you wear manually. It’s because the long time of wear can have an impact on the shape of a bow tie that is less neat or detached.

Can bow ties be used in non-formal events?

Yes, they can, but it depends on the color and motif of the bow tie you use. Most men choose a bow tie to appear at formal events such as weddings and others. The tie used by the Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century has indeed metamorphosed into fashion accessories that cannot be removed. Since the 18th and 19th centuries, bow ties have been adapted by the French community as a favorite fashion style.

Now you can see for yourself the variety of materials and motifs of a bow tie that follows the development of the era. Bow ties are no longer synonymous with red or black, so you can find a variety of bow ties with beautiful motifs. Striped bow tie motif combined with matching shirts and formal suits will make you look like a true gentleman.

If the size concerns you, bow ties vary from 14-20 inches to match men’s collar and shirt. Not only men can look mature with a bow tie, but women can also look casual wearing bow ties. Solid match bow tie with women’s clothing such as sexy dress can create a casual impression that remains feminine.

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