There Are 5 Tips To Keep Your Lighters Safe From Thieves

Losing a lighter is sucks. It does not cost much, but if you think that you have to spend money on something that can be used for so long, like a unique engraved lighter, then this is annoying. Well, for those of you who are tired of losing your lighters, there are 5 tips that you can do so that your lighters cannot be stolen!




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1. Use wooden matchsticks outside the house

These old-fashioned matchsticks are relatively safe from the theft of gas lighters because they can be shared instead of lent. It’s obvious that when someone wants to “borrow” your lighter, he has to ask your permission to take it from you. In general, a gaslighter thief is also more concerned if you will lend him a matchstick instead. It will be awkward for the thief to ask for the gas one when you offer him free matchsticks. Besides, the price of wooden matchsticks is also cheaper than gas lighters. So if someone refuses your offer of matchsticks, you must be cautious of that person.

2. Always keep it in your pocket carefully

Pocketing a lighter reduces the likelihood that your lighter will become a victim of a gaslighter theft. It’s because the possibility of gaslighter thieves to directly take a lighter from your pocket is very small. Unless if the thief is a true lighter criminal, the risk too much if it’s only for stealing a lighter. Unless your lighter is always tied with gold accessories and you carry it in your pocket everywhere, maybe they will try to reach your pocket. So, you must always put your lighter in your pocket every time you use it. If you do this with discipline, your lighter is guaranteed to be safe.

3. Install the safety device

If you don’t want to lose your lighter, maybe you can try putting a safety device on your lighter. These safeguards can be in the form of strings, chains, or perhaps alarms that are similar to those in electronics stores. It depends on how expensive your lighter is. If you use ordinary gas lighters, maybe you can just use some strong strings or chains, just like the ones in cigarette shops.

4. Keep your gaslighter in your house

Truly this is the most effective way. How can you lose a lighter if you never even brought it when you go outside your house?! The only risk is that you will be bothered if you want to light a cigarette. So you have to depend on other people every time you want to smoke. Yes, this is your life choice anyway, and you will likely prefer to borrow someone else’s lighter instead of losing yours.

5. Be firm

If you believe that your lighter is indeed stolen and you are sure and know who the thief is, then you can immediately reprimand him firmly and ask him to return your lighter. If he has self-respect, your lighter will be returned to you. However, if he is someone without pride and instead challenges you to fight, then get ready to fight for your expensive lighters! Other than that, you can try to call the police to help you.

Those are tips for keeping your lighters safe from thieves. We hope it helps you keep your lighter safe so it won’t be stolen by others.

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