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Popular Vacation Rentals Near Leon

Popular Vacation Rentals

Vacationing in Leon, SpainVacationing in Leon, Spain

Leon is a city in northwest Spain and it is similar to the modern Spanish cities of today. This city has beautiful cathedrals and ancient homes. Breathtaking Parador hotels can accommodate visitors. You may find the tourist office located at Plaza San Marcelo. The Leon cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions. It has rose stained glass that captures the rays of the early morning or late evening sun.

Hotel Rentals in LeonHotel Rentals in Leon

The San Marcos Hostal is on the list of the top five best hotels in the whole world. It provides guests with great luxury style, and grandeur. The large foyer hall has decor of exquisite art paintings. You may check availability for room and suites online. In this hotel you will find fine cultured art that dates back to Roman times. Maps and driving directions of Leon will be provided to guests upon arrival. This is a five star rated hotel that offers many amenities.

Leon has a wide array of hotels and motels to accommodate national and international guests. If you are traveling on a budget, then you should inquire about the many budget hotels. These hotels can save you quite a bit of money and many of them provide complimentary breakfast with your stay.

Car Rental Service in LeonCar Rental Service in Leon

You and your guests can get around Leon for sightseeing really easy by choosing to rent car from a variety of car rental businesses located in Leon. You may choose from compact cars to luxury cars for your sightseeing experience. They all come available at nice low prices and all car rental services are guaranteed.

Things to Do and Main Attractions

In Leon there are many places awaiting visitors like caves and caverns, cathedrals, fine dining restaurants that serve world cuisines and architectural buildings.

Transportation, Booking and Rentals to Visit Nearby Cities To Leon

Choose to travel and visit nearby cities to Leon by train, bus, car, or the airport. Shuttle bus service is available at the airport as well. You may choose rental car service that could meet you at the airport. If you plan on taking guided tours, then your rental car can come complete with a tour guide.

Day Trip Rentals

Leon is surrounded by castles and breathtaking mountains. There are so many things for travelers to enjoy.You will never experience one dull moment visiting this exciting place. Vacation rentals in Leon offer affordability, comfort and much convenience to visitors. Hiking and biking will allow you to explore the beautiful countryside that offers so much natural beauty. Bike rentals are available by the hour or the day.

Live, Work, Play and Retire in Leon-Homes, Apartments, Town-homes For Rent

Leon is an excellent place for living, working, playing or retiring. There are many homes available to rent, lease or for sale. You can view a wide selection of fine and elegant styled homes online. Homes, apartments, town homes and more are available for vacation rental or permanent living. You and your guests can choose from one to eleven bedroom homes for rent.

If Leon your vacation destination then you will surely find it amazing. This city was once a Roman settlement. There were royal palaces built that still stand today. There are main markets, religious centers and plazas. There is always something for the whole family to do on their visit to Leon.


Things to do in Leon


Leon, Spain is a tourist destination for millions of people each year. It’s known for having a varied mix of attractions, including those fit for families and couples. The fun things to do in Leon range from educational to adventurous. Here are some of the activities you can do if you plan to take a visit to Leon, Spain.

Tour the Cathedrals

Tour the Cathedrals

If you like art, art history, or history in general you should definitely tour Leon’s cathedrals while you’re in the area. The Leon Cathedrals and Burgos Cathedrals are both magnificent pieces of Spain’s cultural and religious history, and could easily fill a day on your travel schedule. Each has its own unique history, and each also has hundreds of works of religious art. A cathedral tour is a great, versatile sightseeing option for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

View Some Art

View Some Art

Leon has a wide range of art apart from its Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, more commonly known as MUSAC, is a spectacularly vivid avante-garde building which houses an impressive collection of contemporary art. Since its opening on April 1, 2005, MUSAC’s colorful facade has served as one of Leon’s most prominent landmarks and an emblem of 21st century Spain’s innovative design. Some say its colored glass panels are like the modern version of the stained glass windows which line Leon’s cathedrals.

Enjoy the Outdoors


Sure, one can go outside without traveling to Spain, but you can only see the outdoor beauty unique to Leon by visiting. Leon offers tourists a number of fun outdoor activities and attractions. You can walk El Faedo, climb ArCo Guias de Montana, or simply gaze at the wonders of Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. As it is home to the second largest number of UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserves, the outdoor attractions in Leon are an excellent option for nature enthusiasts.

Have a Bite

Tapas is a Spanish tradition which has been adopted in Western countries, but the imitators are nothing like the original. If you’re a lover of cuisine, plan a food tour while you’re visiting Leon. You can eat delicious, authentic tapas or try some of the region’s own wines and drinks. Some of the notable restaurants in Leon include La Parrilla del Humedo, Cocinandos, Becook, Restaurante Pablo, La Rinconada tapas bar, and Bar jamon Jamon. Fans of red wine and Spain’s Tempranillo grape variety can try a wine tour, such as one offered by Prontos Winery, Abadia Retuerta vineyard, or Garnacha Alto Aberche.

Get a Night Out


The nightlife in Leon is exhilarating, thrilling, and the epitome of fun. If you’re ever wondered what a true Spanish disco is like, you’ll have plenty of opportunities with the many discotecas the city has to offer, such as Sala Studio 54. There’s also plenty of friendly pubs, including La Lola and Glam Theater, as well as a number of concert venues which feature live shows year-round. The music scene in Leon isn’t limited to the traditional, and you’ll also find concerts and performances from contemporary and jazz music artists and bands.

Whether you’re going for the food, history, art and architecture, or music and dancing, there’s something fun to do in Leon for virtually every visitor.